You Can Help People Too!

Agent Sofia’s battle against HUNGER continues. She is once again on special assignment and is asking for help from all available Agents (and members of the public as well.) She hopes that all people who want to work against HUNGER will donate. All donations will be given to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank for use in the fight against HUNGER.

Check out Agent Sofia’s Virtual Food Drive.


4th Annual Caroling for Cans

Willowick, Ohio 2015:  We are so excited to present our fourth annual Caroling for Cans. The event is scheduled for December 6, 2015 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Our carolers travel as far as their cold bodies can take them – traveling door to door, singing and collecting cans for donation to local food banks.  We will provide hot chocolate and pizza for those who brave the elements with us.

The following story appeared on WOIO, channel 19.



On April 10, 2015, Sofia had the incredible opportunity to visit the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and tour its facilities. She was able to meet Kristin Warzocha, the president, and Joanne Clemens, senior manager of corporate relations.

IMG_1934     IMG_1957.JPG (2)   IMG_1952 IMG_1954.JPG (2)    IMG_1949    IMG_1959.JPG (2)

Sofia learned so much about what is needed to help.

She decided to start:

Secret Agent Sofia’s Fight Against Hunger

Just ask Sofia, a secret agent’s work is never done – especially when she encounters a enemy as heinous as HUNGER. Help Sofia in her efforts to take down this atrocious adversary before her 10th Birthday.

Sofia needs your help to assemble her primary weapons against HUNGER:

  • Donation. Just 1 dollar can provide 4 meals to those in need!
  • Communication. Increase awareness by telling your family and friends how they can fight against HUNGER.

This battle might only be for three months, but Sofia’s war against hunger will never stop.

See more at:

IMG_1972 IMG_1965


Secret Agent Sofia believes everyone can be heroes and help others.

She even helps people while she is in her cover identity:

Caroling 2 Caroling 1Thank You!

Agent Sofia plans on continuing to help her local food bank, and much more!

Details on Agent Sofia’s plans for working with The Greater Cleveland Food Bank coming soon!

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