About Secret Agent Sofia

schoolgirl by dayI was an ordinary young girl, that’s what everyone thought – heck even I thought that – or I would’ve if I wasn’t 9.

Yeah I liked wearing costumes, playing hide and seek, and pretending my barbies were spies – but that was normal right?

indian beauty halloween 5 Sofia Beret

It was at registration at my new school that I was recruited. I guess answering all my questions in different foreign accents is bit unusual. And maybe it’s a little odd to secretly switch out your test files with those you drew in crayon. And perhaps climbing up the ropes in the gym and walking along a narrow beam backwards would be strange, I just thought I was just being funny.

Anyway, that night they contacted me . . . FATE

F.A.T.E. Federal Agency of Tactical Espionage.

training2They were going to train me training4

and make me a Secret Agent.


The rest is history.


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